SATOA Goes WILD will conquer the city streets of Kuopio on every mid June. SATOA Goes WILD turns Kuopio city centre into one tasteful arena filled with big flavours spiced up with local wild food. The tastiest festival in the early summer, SATOA Goes WILD is an adventure that sets the table with Kuopio-style restaurant and café culture, wild food, artists and pieces of the city’s cultural history.

Festival route is defined by 10 restaurant spots. Restaurants are situated in 10 different locations – spot can i.e. permanent restaurant situated in Kuopio city centre, or in a “pop-up” restaurant, which can found in places filled with cultural history; such as VB-photographic center, museums or historical city parks. In 2017 there are 10 local restaurants, which will serve local food spiced up with wild flavours!

The programme of this untamed food festival is summed up in SATOA Goes WILD festival pass and the map which it include. The unique map will lead you through the “rännikatu” (lit. rain gutter street) pedestrian and cycle streets of Kuopio and introduce you not only to tasty treats, but the city centre restaurants, parks, museums and versatile cultural offerings as well.

In every map point festival pass owners gets a unique and tasteful wild food portion, which you cannot get anywhere else – or with out the festival pass itself. Pass is not only your way to good food – it also gives advantages around the city.

Programme along the route is versatile (and free) ; along the route you can find bigger dance acts, or local musicians, dancers or artists. SATOA Goes WILD not only showcase the excellent food made in the area of Northern Savonia region prepared out of local ingredients, it also gives a taste of local culture, sights, artists, tourism – during one weekend!

The festival pass is your ticket to this delicious food culture trip that will indulge all of your senses! Pass sale Festival pass includes 10 portions of food served in approx. 2 km radius from city centre of Kuopio. Map points can be found on Festival pass or All portions are lactose and gluten free. Vegetable variation are also available on every spot.