SATOA –is a street food festival in the beautiful Kuopio city centre, where customers can buy small dishes (approximate price 3–6 euros per portion). The Festival is organized every year, on the last weekend of August.

The festival will see the harmonious union of restaurants, food companies, artists and the people of Pohjois Savo creating a sensory delight.  SATOA Kuopio Food Festival celebrates the traditional harvest season and local tastes.  In addition to delicacies, performances by street musicians and artists can be enjoyed at the festival area absolutely free of cost.

SATOA festivals and the SATOA website were implemented in 2015 – 2018 with the help of the RuokaSavo project. The vision of the RuokaSavo project was to make the North Savo countryside and agriculture to become an nationally and internationally acknowledged food province by 2020.