SATOA Kuopio Food Festival will be held in the heart of Kuopio on the last weekend of August. Restaurants from North Savo that use local ingredients, products, and services in their dishes can apply for the festival. During the weekend, the food festival covers the best delicacies in the area from field to table and from nature to glass for two days. Satoa Kuopio is like a sudden trip to the province through the tastes of the world, the region’s unique food culture, and joyful savonian harvest season. On the same weekend at the end of August, visitors will be pampered by the traditional and popular Harvest Festival at Kuopio Market Square and ‘Our Kuopio City Festival. There is no entry fee or age limit for the event. 

 Pure nature, high-quality raw materials, new experiences, and elements of Savonian gastronomy that are every day for us and those experiences we want to share with visitors and tourists. There are many restaurants in Kuopio in relation to the population, most of them in Finland. The restaurants also focus on local food, quality, seasons according to the rhythm of nature and experiences, as well as genuine, local know-how and cooperation. The Kuopio area and the whole of North Savo in the heart of Lakeland Finland have developed into a modern, diverse gastronomic area, respecting traditions. Numerous local artisan producers create quality and personalized products that are processed into delicious flavors by both our restaurants and food operators – available to everyone. The area’s restaurants, food ambassadors, and producers are working together to bring out the province’s diverse food culture.