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SATOA Food Festival 2020 introduces the deliciousness of the Northern Savo restaurant culture to all the foodies and foodie minded people in Kuopio during the week of 22 – 30 August, 2020. Restaurants taking part in SATOA Food Festival Week are: Houkutus, King’s Crown, Koivumäki Manor, Kummisetä, Musta Lammas, Kuzina Kuopio, Isä Camillo, Viking restaurant Harald, VS Ravintolat/Tehowatti, Holiday resort Kuopion Saana, Sawohouse and Restaurant Sabor House Kitchen & Bar, Puijo Tower Restaurant, Bierstube, Burger5, Konttiravintola Morton, Rauhalahti Lodge and Cafe Väinö.

SATOA Food Festival is celebrated in the restaurants instead of Kuopio Market Place and streets* in 2020 (covid-19 restrictions and recommendations kept in mind).  SATOA Food Festival is also part of the European Region of Gastronomy Kuopio Region 2020-21 theme week of the harvest season.

*We kindly ask you to follow current covid -19 instructions and recommendations as well as respect restaurants’ instructions during the event, thank you.


Kauppakatu 49, 70110, Kuopio |
Mon-Fri 7:30-19:00 Sat 8:30-17:00


The Houkutus SATOA All Stars Menu includes all the most popular Houkutus delicacies from the previous SATOA Food Festival editions:

Blueberry-rye mud pie / Redcurrant-salted caramel pavlova / Blueberry cheesecake / Gooseberry cake / Cloudberry cake Hillakka/ Cloudberry and blueberry tiramisu

King’s Crown

Kuninkaankatu 22, 70100, Kuopio |
Mon-Tue 11:00-21:00 (Kitchen 20:30) Wed-Thu (Kitchen 20:30) Fri 13:00-23:00 Sat 13:00-23.00


SATOA WEEK MENU: Early Autumn’s Cheese Plate 9€

Full Plate of local cheeses: Peltolan Blue, a rich and sophisticated blue cheese; Valio’s long aging Alppi Kreivi and Juustoportti’s cheese curd processed into flat bread-like cakes, which has been made by family’s own recipe since 1966. The cheese plate is served with self baked rye bread and compote of cherries.

Please, book a table in advance at

 Koivumäki Kartano

Koivumäenkuja 18, 70800, Kuopio |

ERG Local Food Menu Autumn 2020 38,90 €/person

Starter: Grav pike-perch with redcurrant salsa.

Main dish: Slow cooked pork roast with chanterelle sauce, Duchesse potatoes and nettle.

Dessert: Cranberry pudding and Lignell & Piispanen cloudberry syrup, coffee and tea

The ERG Local Food Menu is available on reservation until 31st of October.


Minna Canthinkatu 44, 70100, Kuopio |
Mon – Fri 15:00-23:00 Sat 13:00-23:00

SATOA Week Special: Kummisetä’s Bolete risotto

The Bolete risotto is made of local boletes (L,G). The portion is served as a starter or main dish 11 €/22 €.

Restaurant Musta Lammas

Satamakatu 4, 70100, Kuopio |
Wed 17:00-22:00 Thu 17:00-22:00 Pe 17:00-22:00 La 17:00-22:00

Menu suggestion for SATOA Week

Suprise menu from local ingredients: Experience (incl. 4 courses) 64,00 €, Drinks package 39,00 € and non-alcoholic drinks package 25,00 €.

Please reserve about 2,5 hours for the experience.

Kuzina Kuopio

Kauppakatu 13, 70100, Kuopio |
Tue 17:00-22:00 Wed 17:00-22:00 Thu 16:00-22:00 Fri 16:00-22:00 Sat 15:00-22:00

MENU example for SATOA Week

Pezzo di Salmone:

Fillet of salmon from Tervo cured for 24 hours in dill, fennel and lemon with horseradish cream, pickled onion and water cress salad 13,00 €

Tartar au coteau:

Minced fillet of orginally farmed black angus from Iisalmi blended with chef’s 12 secret ingredients topped with housemade mustard ice cream 14,00 €

Risotto verde genovese:

Carnaroli risotto with selection of mushrooms and seasonal vegetables and D.O.P parmegiano-reggiano with pesto genovese dressing 20,00 €

Delight of the day:

Housemade strawberry gelato. 8,00 €

Isä Camillo

Kauppakatu 25-27, 70100, Kuopio |
Mon-Fri 11:00-22:00 Sat 14:00-22:00

Menu suggestion for SATOA Week 43 €

Seasonal mushroom soup

Braised pike perch & Pike perch ballotine
Buckthorn-butter sauce and seasonal vegetables.

Star anise panna cotta
Black currant compote.

Wine recommendations:

Perelada Reserva Cava Brut 36,-/6,50
Waltraud Riesling 46,-/8,-
Moscato d’Asti 5,50,-/8cl

Wine recommendations are not included in the price of the menu.

Take Away portions are also available.

We recommend you to book a table at


Viking Restaurant Harald

Haapaniemenkatu 28, 70100, Kuopio |
Mon-Fri 14:00-21:00 Sat 12:00-22:00 Sun 14:00-20:00

Menu for SATOA Week:

Kaavin kiertäjä’s bolete chanterelle soup 9,90 €

Pork tenderloin, black salsify potato cake and owen cooked roots from Suonenjoki
wisdom wine -sauce and gooseberry jam. 10,20 €

Cinnamon baked roll from Trube
jam made of raspberries and bilberries 10,20€

We recommend you to book a table at:

Puijo’s Tower restaurant

Puijontie 135, 70300 Kuopio |
Tue-Fri 11:00-22:00 Sat 14:00-22:00

Menu for SATOA Week:

Local delights buffet

Local Delights Buffet living strongly with seasons and how ingredients are available. Lately there have been for example fresh salads, cold smoke pike and roasted carrots and nettle pesto. Look more info about Local Delights Buffet:

Puijo Cottage

Puijontie 135, 70300 Kuopio |

Menu for SATOA Week: Trip breakfast / Retkiaamiainen

Come to enjoy healthy, local ingredients and Puijo’s gorgeous nature in Puijo Cottage trip breakfast! Puijo Cottage’s trip breakfast will be defrayed on weekends Saturday and Sunday 9-12. Price of the trip breakfast is 15,50€/person, under 5 years old children are free and 5 to 12 years old children half-price.
The cottage is serving on Saturday and on Sunday until 3 pm.

In menu there are for example: Liepuska’s Karelian pasties, cheeses, salad, tomato, fish, and all other breakfast ingredients from local food companies. Find more info about the menu:

VS Ravintolat

Restaurant TehoWatti in Kuopio Energia company,
Haapaniementie 3o, 70100 Kuopio |

Mon-Fri 8-13 Sat-Sun closed

Menu for SATOA Week: 

Satoa week lunches 9,80 €

Thursday 27.8.

Overripe pork from Pielavesi

Pike steak from pike of Kallavesi

Friday 28.8.

Autumn meat stew

-Meat stew with boletes

Cabbage casserole

-Hussola’s barley

Take Away portions are also available.

Holiday resort Kuopion Saana

Siikaranta 12, 70620 Kuopio |
Mon-Thu 11:00-22:00 Fri 11:00-24:00 Sat 10:00-24:00 Sun 12:00-18:00

Kitchen’s recommendation for the SATOA Week:

Zander from Kallavesi
Zander is from Kallavesi. Pea purée, fried summer vegatables and carrot butter sauce.

Sawohouse and restaurant Sabor House Kitchen & Bar

Tarhakuja 1, 70780, Kuopio |

Mon-Fri 10:30-14:00

Á la carte:
Tue-Sat 18:00-21:30

MENU: Lunch

You can choose either a soup 8,90 € / person or a regular lunch 9,90 €/ person

Thursday 27.8. – Pea soup with Sawohouse’s homemade sweet mustard, pancakes and strawberry jam, chili con carne

Friday 28.8.– Meat soup made from Voutila farm’s beef and early potatoes, fruity chicken

Lunch includes: A salad bar, white bread and organic rye bread, butter, water, mixed juice and milk, as well as coffee / tea and biscuits for dessert



In Kuopio’s Market place in Stubewagen|

SATOA Week portion:

Bolete hot dog
Liepuska’s hot dog bun, saugage of Eväsmies and local boletes. 10 €


In Kuopio’s Market place in Burgasmi Box |

Portion SATOA Week

RPS Pork Burger

Smoked ripped pig’s neck, RPS Rock bun, cucumber salsa from Kuopio’s Market Place, salad and aioli 13 €.


Konttiravintola Morton

Haapaniemenkatu 20, 70100, Kuopio |
Mon-Thu 10:30-20:00 Fri-Sat 10:30-21:00 Sun 12:00-18-00

Menu of SATOA Week: Halloum burger

Pea wasabi purée, ginger kimchi and pickled mustard seeds. 6 €/12 €

Also available glutein-free upon request.

Gastrobar B/P

Puijonkatu 41, 70100 Kuopio (In Satoa week In Kuopio’s Market Place) |
Restaurant’s opening hours Tue-Thu 11-15, Sat 16-21, Sun-Mon closed

Menu of SATOA Week:

Overnight stewed lamb blade

Homebakery Piirakka & Pulikka’s thin unleavend bread made by potatoes,
green onion cream fraiche fermentationed cherry hot sauce and apple black
gabbage slaw. Vegatable version is available with local grilled chanterelle
6 € per piece 15 € per three pieces.