SATOA Goes WILD Menu 14. – 15.6.2019

The menu at SATOA Goes WILD festival in 2019 is as delicious as ever!

SATOA Goes WILD, inspired by products from wilderness, offers wild food delicacies for festival visitors from 10 local restaurants in the center of Kuopio. SATOA Goes WILD restaurants and menu in 2019 are:

Restaurant Isä Camillo: Nettle Pancakes and Carrots with Dandelion Gremolata M, G, Vegan

Restaurant Musta Lammas: Pineapple Weed Ice Cream on a Stick M, G, Vegan

Restaurant Bierstube: Willowherb Soup and Nettle Crispbread L (on request VE)

VS Ravintolat: Ide (fish) Brandade with Birch Pesto L, G (on request VE)

Restaurant Kummisetä: Pork Croquette and Orpine with Wild Herb Creme L, G (on request VE)

Cafe Houkutus: Wild Herb Ice Cream Sandwich L (on request G, VE)

Restaurant Gastrobar B/P: Pike from Lake Kallavesi, Nettle and Birch Leaves, L, G (on request VE)

Lapland Hotels Kuopio/Galla Kitchen & Bar: Reindeer Tartare, Pickled Spruce Sprout and Wild Mushrooms L, G (on request VE)

Restaurant Hygge Bro: Wild Herb Smoothie with Forest Pincho (on request VE, meat)

Cafe Kaneli: Mocha Chocolate with Berries and Wild Herbs L (on request G, VE)

Special diets

Variations of all the portions included in the festival pass are available for the common special diets: lactovegetarian, vegetarian, lactose-free and gluten-free. Other special dietary requirements will be catered separately on request.

Opening times

Fri 12-20, Sat 12-20