The menu at SATOA Goes WILD festival in 2019 is as delicious as ever!

MENU 2019

Restaurant Isä Camillo: Nettle Pancakes and Carrots with Dandelion Gremolata M, G, Vegan

Restaurant Musta Lammas: Pineapple Weed Ice Cream on a Stick M, G, Vegan

Restaurant Bierstube: Willowherb Soup and Nettle Crispbread L (on request VE)

VS Ravintolat: Ide (fish) Brandade with Birch Pesto L, G (on request VE)

Restaurant Kummisetä: Pork Croquette, and Orpine (Sedun Telephium) with Wild Herb Creme L, G (on request VE)

Cafe Houkutus: Wild Herb Ice Cream Sandwich L (on request G, VE)

Restaurant Gastrobar B/P: Pike from Lake Kallavesi, Nettle and Birch Leaves, L, G (on request VE)

Lapland Hotels Kuopio/Galla Kitchen & Bar: Reindeer Tartare, Pickled Spruce Sprout and Wild Mushrooms L, G (on request VE)

Restaurant Hygge Bro: Wild Herb Smoothie with Forest Pincho (on request VE, meat)

Cafe Kaneli: Mocha Chocolate with Berries and Wild Herbs L (on request G, VE)