SATOA GOES WILD is a celebration of local cuisines inspired by products from wilderness that will be held in Kuopio city centre during the second weekend of June. The SATOA Goes WILD and the August SATOA events are Northern-European food festivals which proudly presents the North Savo’s delectable flavors and expertise.

The adventure guide is a separately sold festival passport including a map. The Festival Route shown on the map showcases the unique pedestrian route through the Kuopio city centre. Exploring the city center from point to point following the route map, you will learn about local food, restaurants, artists and musicians, and Kuopio’s wonderful cultural history.

The restaurants are open on both days from 12 to 8 pm.


You can participate in the SATOA Goes WILD Food Festival by purchasing a fixed-price festival pass. By displaying the festival pass at the restaurants included in the pass, you will receive a wild-food meal and the festival pass will also have other valuable benefits. Separate portions and drinks may also be sold at restaurant points. Tasting portions included in the festival pass are not sold separately.

Festival Pass Price 2019: ​​43 € + possible service / delivery fees. The festival pass costs 46 € on festival days.

Pre-tickets: (tickets with service and shipping costs starting from 45,50 €).

Pre-tickets must be exchanged for the festival pass at the Kuopio European Region of Gastronomy (Puijonkatu 14, Kuopio), where you can also buy your festival pass.
The office is open from 10th to 13th of June 9 am to 3 pm and on festival days 14th of June from 12 to 8 pm and 15th of June from 12 to 6 pm.

For companies, pre-purchased festival passes are available: