1. GALLÁ Kitchen & Bar

€5 King crab, fennel and brown butter hollandaise (L, G)
€6 Slow-cooked reindeer, celery, and beetroot and reindeer broth (L, G)
3€ Spruce buds from Riistavesi, white chocolate and Lappish honey (G)


€5 Beef burger with turnip and apple jam and black pepper cream cheese (VL, ask for L / G)
€5 Deep-fried halloumi cheeseburger with sea-buckthorn and carrot jam (VL, ask for VE / G)
€3.5 Morton’s gooseberry lemonade

Beef steak: Eväsmiehet, Kuopio. Mayonnaise: Nakumajo, Varkaus. Heirloom cucumbers: Rautalampi. Root vegetables and apples: Farmers from the North Savo region Sea-buckthorn: Morton’s home farm

  1. Viikinkiravintola Harald

€4 Creamy porcini and chanterelle soup, spruce bud oil, and oat and malt bread (L, ask for G)
€6 Slow-cooked elk entrecote, elk sausage, oven-baked vegetables, braised onions and tar BBQ sauce (L, G)
€4 Bark bread ice cream, baked apple jam and honey chunks (L, G)

Mushrooms: Kaavi Porcini, Spruce buds: Kurkimäki, Bread Leipomo Puustelli Oy, Root vegetables: Lempyyn juuresjaloste, Onion: Pekka Vehviläinen, Apples: Leevi Airaksela.

  1. Savon keittiömestarit

€3 Vegetable sticks and pea dip (L, G, M, VE)
€6 Savo-style groats flatbread, choose filling: Cured pork or smoked vendace (L) 

Flatbread by our chefs, vegetables from local farmers

  1. My Ice D

€5 Soft serve ice cream (ask for VE) with one of the following: Pancake (L, G, VE), Wild From Arctic’s marshmallows (L, G) or house chocolate cake (L, G, VE)

Soft serve ice cream: My Ice D’s product made of non-homogenized milk from a local dairy, vegan ice cream made of Finnish oats, pancakes and chocolate cake baked by our staff. Wild From Arctic marshmallows from Kemijärvi.


  1. VS Ravintolat

€5 Creamy parsnip soup and Kallavesi smoked vendace mousse, nettle oil (L, G)
€6 Fennel pork from the Katainen farm – Sieglinde potato salad and pickled carrot from local farms, yoghurt (L, G)

Meat from the Katainen Farm in Pielavesi, potatoes and parsnip from farmers in Siilinjärvi, vendace from Kallavesi lake, rye from Siilin Mylly mill, blueberries from Kuopion marja ja vihannes, nettles picked from forests in Kuopio. 

  1. Thairavintola Samruai

€5 Niinivesi vendace à la Thailand (M, incl. egg)
€5 Samruai’s Panäng Thai curry and Ruohobussi’s hemp tofu (M, G, VE, incl. soy sauce, medium hot)
€5 Thai-style braised chicken and chutney made of Maaninka rhubarb (M, G, incl. fish and soy sauce)

Finnish chicken from Atria in Kelloniemi and rhubarb from Maaninka

  1. SPA HOTEL Kunnonpaikka

€4 Smooth sparkling wine and yellow beetroot soup, forest mushroom (L, G)
€6 Smoked beef in a pita pocket; Lightly smoked organic beef from Uudistalo, pumpkin pita from the Liepuska bakery, apple chutney, kale, garlic aioli, port wine sauce (L)
€3 Blueberry mousse, almond financier, red currant, white chocolate sauce (VL)

  1. Harri’s Food Factory

€5 Currywurst from Sepon Lihatori meat market and mashed potatoes (L, G)
€6 Malt pork burger; Slow-cooked malt-fed pork, Jävla Sås Bolag’s Chipotle Glaze sauce, Järvikylä salad and NakuMajo (L)
€6 Pike burger; deep-fried pike, tartar sauce and Järvikylä salad (L)

Products and ingredients: Sepon Lihatori meat market from Varkaus, Kaartila farm malt-fed pork from Juva, pike from the Savo region, Liepuska bakery’s products from Nilsiä, Aito mayonnaise from Varkaus, Järvikylä’s herbs from Joroinen, Jävla Sås Bolag’s sauces from Finland.

  1. Savo Vocational College

€5 Grilled bread with organic pork (L)
€5 Savo-style vendace tortilla (L)
€4 Organic tempeh on a salad bed (L)
€3 Carrot pastry (L) €3 Chocolate cake (L)
€2.5 Organic coffee
€5 Coffee and cake or pastry, combination price

  1. Street Food Bar Taikuri

€5 Beef flatbread (M)
€5 Pea and nettle burger (VE)
€4 Tequila pineapple and berries from Suonenjoki (M, G)

Meat products from Savo-Karjalan Liha, baked goods from Liepuska bakery, berries from Suonenjoki

  1. Houkutus CAFÉ AND CAKE SHOP

€4.5 Meringue, forest blueberry and sage (L)
€4.5 Houkutus bakery’s sea-buckthorn curd ice cream, coffee syrup & marigold (VL)
€5 Hovihillakka cloudberry cake (L)

Wild herbs, flowers and berries picked from the North Savo region.
Ask for special diet options.                            

  1. SCANDIC HOTELS: Grillsson & Bord

€5 Carrot soup and organic bread (L)
€5 Grillsson burger (L)
€5 Grillsson veggie burger (VE)

  1. Bowl D1ner / BURGER5

€6 BURGER5 (L)
€6 Smoky pulled pork hot dog (L)
€5 Strawberry shortcakes (VL)

BURGER5: Liepuskan Herkkupaja, Savo Karjalan liha and NakuMajo. Smoky pulled pork Hot dog: Liepuskan Herkkupaja, Savo Karjalan liha and NakuMajo. Strawberry Shortcakes: Maaseudun puutarhatuote, Siilin Mylly.



€6 Burgushi; Savo-Karjala’s pork neck, spelt and bacon coleslaw (L)
€6 Veggie tostada; Socca bread, carrot and bean stew, and pickled onions from Suonenjoki (VE, G)
€5 Raw apple cake, vanilla mousse and jellied apples from Suonenjoki (VE, G)

Vegetables & fruit: Kaapo Kukkonen Suonenjoki. Vegetables: J. Myllynen. Pork: Savo-Karjalan liha.

  1. HURMA

€6 Hurma Shawarma Lebanon Pork; bread, garlic yoghurt and herbs (L)
€6 Hurma Shawarma Spicy Cauliflower & Chickpeas; bread, garlic yoghurt and herbs (L)

Red cabbage, carrot and onion. Slow-braised pork neck with Lebanese spices or spicy cauliflower and chick peas. Served with garlic yoghurt and herbs.


Sparkling fruit, berry and vegetable wines made of natural and unprocessed ingredients.

  1. Panza

€6 Lamb tacos with local lamb (L, G)
€5 Pumpkin tacos with vegetables from the Kuopio market (L, G)

Lamb from Nilsiä and local vegetables from the Kuopio market square.

  1. Spa Hotel Rauhalahti

€4.5 Creamy mushroom soup of shitake mushrooms from Kuoppaharju, rye chips (L)
€5.5 Savo-style hot dog; fill your Eväsmiehet bun with a sausage, smoked vendace or vegan vegetable stew (L)
€4.5 Peltola’s rowan-berry sorbet and crumble (L)

  1. Intro Social

€5 Sticky Pork Ribs (L, G, incl. soy) from local producers and Intro’s BBQ sauce
€5 Intro’s Hot Dog; Liepuska’s hot dog bun, bratwurst, fresh coleslaw, mustard mayonnaise and spring onion (L, ask for VE)
€3 Liepuska’s crusted blueberry pie & vanilla foam (L)

  1. King’s crown

€5 Root vegetable skewers, rye and Peltolan Blue cheese (L, ask for G / VE)
€6 King’s burger (L, ask for G / VE)

Root and green vegetables from Kuopio market square, local bread rolls and rye bread. Peltolan Juustola’s blue-veined cheese from Suonenjoki, burger meat from Savo-Karjalan liha meat wholesaler.

  1. Bierstube

€5 Onion soup made with beer (L)
€6 Stube’s hot dog (L)
€6 Deep-fried beer ice cream 

Pekka Vehviläinen’s onions, Malmberg’s bread roll, Metzgerei’s beer sausage. Deep-fried ice cream: RPS Brewing’s Wheat Ale.


  1. Musta Lammas

€6 Vehmersalmi ”Seekh” (L, G)
€3 Fudge flavoured with caramelized lactose (G)

Finnish broiler thigh cuts, root celery from Kaikontarha farm, mushrooms from Kuoppaharju.


  1. Isä Camillo

€4 Porcini bruschetta & lovage (VE, ask for G)
€6 Camillo’s Bouillabaisse & Rouille (M, G)

Zander from Kallavesi, salmon from Saimaan Tuore, mushrooms and lovage from local pickers.


  1. B & J’s Livingroom

€6 Little Beefy and Pony Bun; Highland beef and horse meat, apple mayonnaise, onion and apple compote and coleslaw in a focaccia by Aeto bakery (L)
€5 Not Your Normal Nachos (VE, G)
€5 Pecan Pie (L)

€4.5 Blonde Viking Lakkaa Juomasta 0.25l
€4.5 Blonde Viking Dinkle Dunkle 0.25l
€4 Iso-Kalla’s raspberry lemonade 0.33l

Handmade products made of Finnish grains by the Aetoleipuri bakery in Kuopio.

  1. Hotel Isovalkeinen

€5 Smoked salmon burger and lime mayonnaise (L)
€6 Smoked beef skewer; Highland beef, smoked bell pepper and port wine sauce, parmesan potato (L, G)
€3.5 Cloudberry panna cotta, cranberry sauce (L, G)

Abbreviations: GF = Gluten Free, LF = Lactose Free, LL= Low Lactose, DF = Dairy Free, VE = Vegan, V = Vegetarian, N = Contains Nuts